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Capitol Contact Info:

Address: MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 305B
Jefferson City MO 65101
Legislative Assistant: Gina Hensley
Phone: 573-751-8636
E-Mail: Sheila.Solon



Rep. Sheila Solon on the House floor Working for YOU






Preserving Family Values

As the mother of two grown children, I fully understand the miracle and gift of life.  With my strong faith, conservative convictions and passion for children, I have been a strong advocate for the unborn in the House of Representatives.  I am proud to be Pro-Life and a member of Missouri Right to Life.  As a society, we must value and protect human life conception to natural end.  

Protecting our Freedom

I am committed to preserving our freedoms and belong to the National Rifle Association.  The rights to own property and firearms are essential to the personal and economic freedom we enjoy as Americans.  I will fight to protect our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms as guaranteed by our Constitution.

Property Rights

Our nation’s Founding Fathers established our country on the belief that protecting individual property rights mattered. I support strengthening our private property rights as Missourians.  The inability for the average citizen to defend their property against eminent domain is unacceptable.  We need to continue working to curtail the current definitions of eminent domain to a very defined and limited scope of use for roads, public utilities and railroads.

Better Schools

All Missouri students deserve a quality education in the public, private or home setting.  Both of my children attended Blue Springs Public Schools from K-12th grades.  As an involved parent I served as PTA President at Cordill-Mason Elementary and on the PTA Board at Moreland Ridge Middle School.  I have also served on the School Districts Citizens Advisory Council for over 12 years.  My daughter Lindsey works for the Blue Springs School District as an elementary school teacher.  I understand the importance of parents and teachers in the education of our children. High education standards must be set for each child.  We should give parents, teachers and administrators the flexibility to reach those standards without onerous regulations that hinder or prevent a quality learning experience.  We must keep our promise to teachers and schools by fully funding the school foundation formula.


Against Open Enrollment

At this time in Jefferson City, some legislators are proposing the open enrollment of our schools. This proposal would allow students to cross school boundaries and enroll in a public school district outside of the one in which they reside. The attending district would receive no local funds for the transferred student nor, would they be fully reimbursed for the costs of educating these students.

I am strongly opposed to open enrollment. I believe in local control of our schools and that enrollment should be limited only to a district’s residents. I am afraid that the loss of protection that this proposal permits would hurt our local children and that open enrollment would place an additional burden on the taxpayer.



I do not support new taxes!  Our state government must be held accountable and live within its means.  It must be a faithful steward of your tax dollars. That means continually evaluating where and how your taxes are spent to ensure a tangible return to you as a taxpayer.  It is your money and your state government.  We must strive to hold our state government accountable for each tax dollar it spends. 



We need to fight to keep Missouri jobs in Missouri and to bring in new jobs. We need to end wasteful economic development programs, and explore new programs targeted to new jobs and benefits.  Small business owners create 85% of all new jobs.  Government needs to get out of the way and let businesses create jobs.  We need to have less red tape and fewer regulations to help facilitate an environment for job creation.


Health Care

Missouri benefits from a strong, dynamic healthcare system.  We can further strengthen the healthcare system through ensuring each patient has the freedom to choose a health insurance plan that fits his or her needs and the doctor and hospital of their choice.



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